1. What is the purpose of this website?
  2. You build a text message and Santa sends them to someone important to you
  3. Do I need to tell the recipient?
  4. We send the message directly to the recipient. Surprises are fantastic and we let you decide whether you want it to be a mystery or not
  5. How will I know the message comes from Santa?
  6. Santa has access to the latest in mobile phone technology and as such the recipient will clearly see the message coming from ‘Santa’ even if they don’t have him saved in their phones contacts.
  7. I want to send this to my kids but they don’t have a phone
  8. Simply send the text to yourself and show them the message
  9. Will I be able to reply to Santa’s text message?
  10. No. We have incorporated a ‘No Reply’ feature to keep the receiver from replying to the message. However feel free to send Santa a message using 0401 395 827
  11. Who can receive a text from Santa?
  12. Anyone who can receive a standard text message on their mobile phone
  13. Is the text sent instantly?
  14. As Santa will personally review all messages he will send all messages within 12 hours. However it usually takes one or two hours.
  15. Can I use this service if I live out of Australia?
  16. No it is only available in Australia
  17. How long can my message be?
  18. All text messages are limited to 160 characters. If you were to go over this character amount it would charge you for a second message, just like when you message people from your phone.
  19. I didn’t receive my text message
  20. There may be a block on your cell phone or child’s cell phone plan from your carrier. Call your carrier and have them lift the block from “Short Code” incoming text messages. You can then email Santa at santa@santa2u.com.au to reschedule your message.